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gap microphones

Our extensive family of microphones sees to your every need. We offer a wide range of different products, including condenser, dynamic and classic ribbon microphones. Weather you want a mic for live gigs or one for high quality studio recordings you will find the one that suits your purpose in our range of affordable models

d1-t d2-t r2-mk2-t
D 1 D 2 R 2 MKII
Subtitle Large Diaphragm Dynamic Microphone Passive Ribbon Microphone
R 1 MKII R 1 Active MKIII R 1 Tube Active
Passive Ribbon Microphone Active Ribbon Microphone Tube Active Ribbon Microphone
FC 3 FC 4 MC FC 4
Condenser Microphone with three polar patterns, pad and highpass-filter. Small Capsule Multi Pattern Condenser Microphone with Pad and Highpass filter. Small Capsule Condenser Microphone with pad and highpass filter.
FC 4 ST TC 1 with accusound cable SP 1
Matched Pair Small Capsule Condenser Microphone with Pad and Highpass filter. Tube Condenser Microphone with Variable Polar Pattern and selectable PAD and HighPass filter. High quality Accusound 7-pin tube mic cable. Shock mount with an integrated pop filter
FC 1 MKII P 2 SM 1 Black
Condenser microphone Pop Filter with metal screen with gooseneck and mic stand clamp. Shock mount

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