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pre-73 mkii

Vintage Style Mic Preamp
A 230V power adaptor is included

The PRE-73 Mk2 is the first one-channel low-cost preamp on the market that is using a fully discrete signal path with three separate transformers for the balanced mic input, the line input and the output.

The circuit is very similar to the classical preamp section of the Neve 1073 pre/eq module with a corresponding sound character that is warm, punchy, sweet and musical.
This classical sound has been heard on countless recordings through the years and it is a versatile sound that works very well on most sound sources and in most genres.

The PRE-73 Mk2 has a maximum gain of 80 dB on the mic input and the gain range on the Line input is -20 to + 10 dB. There is also a high-impedance instrument input.

The PRE-73 Mk2 is perfect for almost any signal source, no matter if it’s a microphone with a high or low sensitivity (like a passive ribbon mic), a syntheziser or sound module or an electric guitar or bass.

The input impedance of the microphone input can be switched between 300 and 1200 ohms, which makes it possible to affect the tone of most microphones. There is also phase switch and an simple 4-step LED signal level meter.

The output level control makes it possible to make fine gain adjustments and also to overload the main gain stage for more character and then lower the signal to a suitable level before the output stage.

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– An unbalanced insert jack (nominal level about 18 dBu) added on the back panel for inserting units like the coming GAP EQ-73, a three band eq.
– LED meter levels adjusted.
– 600 Ohm termination resistor and jumper added to power supply board (accessible from the inside of the unit).
– Revised Gain switch, turning the know clockwise now increase the gain.
– Reduced noise at high gains by a change to the power supply grounding scheme.


Mk1 units can be modified with an insert jack.
The TRS Output jack can be used as an Insert jack. This is an easy modification. Simply resolder the TRS output jack from the power supply board and mount it so that the soldering pins of the jack faces to the left. The solder two screened wires between the jack and the Output level potentiometer.
Find a schematic drawing here

Please note that the warranty is no longer valid on modified units unless it has been made by one of our distributors.

The power supply grounding  of Mk1 units can also easily be modified.
Contact the distributor in your area if you want to do this (or us if you bought your PRE-73 from us / if you live in Scandinavia).
Find a description here

Please note that the warranty is void if you do any of these modifications yourself.class-A electronics. No intergrated circuits are used.



“I received my PRE-73 MKII a few days ago and I absolutely love it! The character, the amount of clean gain, the build quality, the impedenance features, it’s really a beast that easily compares to a lot of much much much more expensive units i’ve worked with in the past.”
Ruben Schneider, The Netherlands, February 2015

“Given the very affordable price of the PRE-73, it´s performance is astonishingly good, as is its build quality.”
“… I cant detect any serious corner-cutting, and the aim of presenting a warm, vintage sound that´s musically attractive has been met extremely well indeed.”
“It´s difficult to recommend anything else in this price range when it comes to ‘mic amps of character”
Sound on Sound, March 2009

“Out of the box, the unit impresses me with it’s dynamic range and very quiet power. Unexpectedly, it gave sound and power to a Beyer microphone I had given up on. My CAD condenser now shines as it should. Thank you for this great piece of equipment.” C.C. in Canada

“I really like the parts values on the circuit board. I wish everyone would do their circuit boards this way.”
D.C in the US

It works great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
R.M, Italy

The Pre-73 is fantastic!! Every studio should have one.
D.P. in the US

Got my Pre-73.. its fantastic, best kept secret in audio thanks GA. cant wait for the compressor.
A comment on the GAP forum

“Jag måste på samma gång passa på och skryta över Pre-73 som jag skaffade second hand för ett tag sedan. Den är helt fantastisk, fungerar dessutom som en dröm med GAP D2 som jag skaffade av Joona Lukala, er lokala dealer här i Finland.”
P.M., Finland

“Great Great Oustanding PREAMPS 🙂 LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT! ThanX a lot for making such a good amps for a nice price!”
R.R, The Netherlands