The Golden Age Project

Great Sound. Great Price.

We want to offer an affordable option to the high end vintage gear used on great classic productions. Golden Age Project offers high quality gear suitable for anyone looking for that extra ingredient that makes all the difference.



Acclaimed new member of the family! Check out JR version 1-channel vintage style optical compressor.


Passive Stereo Ribbon Microphone suited for an amazing range of sound sources. 


Our extensive family of microphones sees to your every need. We offer a wide range of different products, including condenser, dynamic and classic ribbon microphones. Wether you want a mic for live gigs or one for high quality studio recordings you will find the one that suits your purpose in our range of affordable models.


We bring the esteemed technology of yesterday to the 21st century. Our line of outboards presents you with a modern take on legendary vintage style recording equipment, recreating that lush sound yet adding a modern twist suited for contemporary productions.

"So, should you buy a Golden Age Project COMP-2A? No... You should buy two!"

Matt Houghton - Sound On Sound


Malcolm Bruce

Musician & Son of late Cream bassist Jack Bruce

«The GAP PRE-73 and EQ-73 have become a staple in my studio. The colouration and sonic possibilities are very musical and stack extremely well. Excellent gear at any price, highly recommended!
Fantastic gear! I’ve been tracking a little over the last few days, awesome.»

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