We think character and quality matters. That's why our mission is to make the unique sound of classic studio hardware available to more people. So that music makers everywhere will have the access to a full range of creative tools.


Golden Age Project was braking ground back in 2009 offering the first Nieve-clone on the market. Since then the brand has grown to include a whole family of outboards and microphones.

Golden Age Project was originally developed 2005 as a side project of the successful distributing business Golden Age Music.

Having been in the field of high end studio products for many years we saw first hand how the industry was changing and becoming more versatile, creating music was no longer confined to merely a few big studios, but had grown to something that could be done from basically anywhere. 

This was also creating a bigger demand for high quality studio gear available for a wider audience. Out of this demand we began selling replicas of the classic RCA 77 microphone, to a much less expensive price than the original.

Golden Age Project got it’s big break in 2006 when we released the firs version of the PRE-73 mic preamp.

Not long after it’s release the characteristically red outboard suddenly started to get some serious recognition by the industry. The first PRE-73 review in Sound On Sound said "Given the very affordable price of the Pre 73, its performance is astonishingly good, as is its build quality”.

The winning concept was modern ingenuity adding new functions to an already superb classic design and producing it in a cost-effective way. This allowed it to be both optimized and affordable.The success of the PRE-73 owes everything to it’s brilliant British designers, our contribution was simply to make it accessible to anyone looking for that coveted first class sound.

The GAP-family has grown quickly in the following years, now our range extends to condenser and dynamic microphones, outboards and accessories. Even though we continuously expand our product range we are proud remain a small family-based company. We are passionate about creating new GAP products and we feel very thankful for the great response we get from our users and supporters worldwide.

Our Products

Our products are single-handedly designed and engineered in our workshop.

It is important that customers feel confident that they will purchase the best possible version of our designs.

Valuing every step in the process of producing our gear, we are working with carefully selected manufacturers that upholds a high and consistent quality and has done so for many years.

The results are high standard products that we can be proud about offering our users.