​Condenser Microphone Matched Pair

The FC2 is basically a FC1 MkII with the addition of switches for -10dB PAD and a High-Pass filter.

The FC 2 ST is a matched set of two large diaphragm condenser microphones. Modern manufacturing techniques allow vintage designs and high accuracy at the same time.
The stereo matching of the FC 2 ST mics are within 1 dB. You can now make perfect stereo recordings without spending a small fortune. Improve your sound on drum overheads, acoustic guitars, choirs, amps, organs, percussion and more.

The FC 2 ST is also a very good microphone in a mono recording situation. It features a classic vintage design with center-terminated capsule, retro style EQ and a fat sounding output transformer.

The two FC 2 ST microphones comes with spider style metal shock mounts in a practical and sturdy plastic case.